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Hot-Galvanized pipe

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Hot-dipped galvanized




BS1387,JIS G3444,ASTM A53








As per customer’s requirement

Pipe End



Used for gas,water transportation.

In need of a dependable piping solution for your gas or water transportation requirements? Allow us to introduce you to the ultimate solution: The Hot Galvanized Pipe!

Expertly engineered using top quality materials such as S235JR, S275JR, STK400 and STK500 materials withstanding both extreme conditions & pressure - ensuring that your gas & water supply runs smoothly at all times without any disruptions whatsoever! This superior strength along with its inherent corrosion resistant properties make it suitable for both residential & commercial applications.

One striking characteristic of this type of piping is its hot dipped galvanized process, which minimizes the risk of corrosion.

It involves immersing the steel in molten Zinc creating a protective layer over it - shielding it from harsh environmental conditions and maximizing durability & longevity.

Rest assured that this product meets all necessary quality and safety requirements. It strictly adheres to BS1387, JIS G3444 and ASTM A53 standards ensuring you get a safe and secure supply all the time! Investing in this Hot Galvanized Pipe solution guarantees uninterrupted gas or water transport with minimal risk of leakage or damage.

Don’t wait any longer make the smart choice today! Efficiently meeting diverse needs with ease is a breeze when you opt for our hot galvanized pipe solution. Available in a range of sizes - spanning from outer diameters of anywhere between 1/2 inch and 26 inches (21.3mm 660mm) - this durable system allows you the flexibility needed when tailoring a solution specific to your requirements.

It doesn't end there; the high quality materials used in the manufacture of this type of piping system ensure longevity whilst maintaining an exceptional standard for modern aesthetics that are both sleek and pleasing on the eye.

Our comprehensive range of options includes bare ends or finished with either bevelled edges or threaded threads or even coupled designs that are tailored specifically for professionals looking to add an extra touch of classiness.

We understand that every clients needs are unique which is why we offer entirely customized services - designing and manufacturing pipes just as per their requirements; length thicknesses all the way to size. Perfectly tailored with much needed expertise topped with excellent after sales support we guarantee your investment is always in safe hands.

To summarize everything discussed before about hot galvanized pipes – they are truly unmatched when it comes to providing safe transportation of both gases and fluids such as water or other liquids too! Their superior fortitude, enduring capabilities as well as being highly resistant againstcorrosion put them ahead when considering construction projects whether it be residential or commercial. With us you'll have access to customizations tailored to your own needs and high quality support services to assist you with any issue post purchase. Don't miss out – invest in the hot galvanized pipe today and secure a reliable source for delivery of gas or water that would last for many years ahead!